Carpet Cleaning



Carpet Cleaning

When does a professional carpet cleaning make sense?

For many, the carpet is still the preferred floor covering: The soft surface creates a very comfortable environment. A disadvantage of the carpet, however, is that dirt is harder to remove than, for example, laminate. Here is a wipe, and the stain is gone. In the carpet, however, dirt and dust can stubbornly settle.

In everyday life, carpets are heavily used. Not only the shoes of the residents and visitors set to them. There are also crumbs and sometimes spilled liquids. But: Much of what pollutes the carpet is not recognizable at first glance. Dust and pollutants from the air accumulate in the tissue. As a result, carpets also become dirtier and dirtier near construction sites or busy roads.

The carpet extends its lifetime by a professional cleaning. Over the years, dirt deposits in the carpet fabric, which can only be removed by thorough vacuuming. But not only dirt particles but also traces of running and stains of the most different kind have a detrimental effect on the lifetime of your carpet.

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